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Richard of Gloucester

Harry led them out onto the roof of the Hotel. The Bard blinked in the sunlight, and quickly moved into the shade of the three-winged Imperial shuttle parked between the giant furry sky-bison and the flaming sting-ray form of the Bard's unholy mount.

Harry flicked out his wand. "Accio Firebolt!" a sleek black broom flew to his waiting hand. "Arcadian, lead the way."

Aang beamed, running to the giant furry beast like a child to an oversized teddy-bear. "Who wants a ride on Appa!"

Link started to answer, but was interrupted when Paul raised his hand, an enthusiastic and sarcastic gleam in his blue-glowing eyes. "Ooh! Ooh! Not me! Anybody but me!"

The Bard walked to the flaming giant stingray, patting its head. It seemed as content as ever, and gave him a look that said it desperately wanted to eat him. He was used to that. The Bard turned to smirk at Paul. "The alternative is me, mate."

"Like hell it is. I'm going with Anakin."

Anakin clicked his keyring and there was a short, stifled beep as the ramp of his shuttle lowered with a smoky hiss. Whhhhhh pahhhhh "You know, we really ought to carpool. There's plenty of room on the Tiderian."

Link frowned in disappointment. "I wanted a ride on Appa."

Harry held his hands up. "Sh!"

The roof went silent and tense. Link's hand immediately went to the handle of his sword. Paul crouched, drawing his wrist-weapon onto his hand and a worm-tooth knife in the other. The Bard unslung his Shadow-Axe and waited. In the distance, they heard a helicopter.

Anakin looked about curiously. Whhhhhh pahhhhh "I sense something. A presence I've not felt since--"

The helicopter drew closer. It proved to be a beaten-up US gunship with a scorched and faded Tech-Com sigil on the side. With a gesture of his glider-staff, Aang redirected the wind from the rotors around them. As it lowered, a woman jumped out of the side. The Bard could not help but think she looked familiar, though he couldn't place where he had seen her before. She was lean, her brown hair tied behind her head in a pony tail, and two assault rifles slung over her shoulders. She surveyed the group with the fire of the end of the world in her eyes.

"John couldn't make it." She smirked. "He said you needed a mother's touch for this job."

Aang's face brightened. "Ms. Connor!" He ran to her and gave her a big hug as the helicopter took off. She oofed under his impact, but then gave his bald head a playful rub.

Harry smiled, walking toward her. He gave her a serious salute. "Welcome aboard, ma'am."

Link smiled. "Good to see you again, ma'am. How is he?"

She strode right for the ramp of the Tiderian. "They hit a main Skynet hub yesterday and almost lost him. They found Kyle."

Anakin clasped his gloved hands together as he led them up the ramp. "That's wonderful! When do you see him again?"

"About fifteen years ago."

"...Oh. Right. Sorry." Whhhhhh pahhhhh...

The Bard could not help a snigger. Harry just shook his head.
Arcadian took a seat in the co-pilot's seat, next to Anakin. "I will guide our flight."

Anakin sat down and began hitting buttons. "By the way, there's a bar in back. Just some stuff I get on Coruscant. Paul, there's purified spring water if you want a couple of bottles."

Paul's face lit up. "Anakin, I love you. Will you marry me?"

"Awwww. I love you too, Paul." Whhhhhhh pahhhhhh.... He guided the shuttle up into the atmosphere.

Harry got into the mini-bar and tossed Paul a couple of bottles, and one to Aang. "Just in case."

Aang smiled. "Thanks, Sifu Potter!"

Harry squinted at one of the bottles left in the bar, then to Link. "There's Tatooine moonshine here, the label says it's pure grain alcohol."

Link's eyebrows went up. "Oooh. Very flamable. I'll take it."

Harry smiled. "Thought you might." He handed it off.

"It's also good for cleaning wounds," Ms. Connor said darkly. "Don't burn it all. We got a first-aid kit in this rig?"

The Bard smiled, patting his Shadow-Axe. "Yeah. Matter of fact, I can summon a healer anytime."

Paul sat forward, smirking. "What else you got in that thing?"

The Bard ticked them off on his fingers. "Behemoth, war-wasp, nocker, thunder-spider, rat, assassin, knight, explorer, brute, heroine, bodyguard, mercenary, fire-elemental, sorceress, and light-fairy."

Ms. Connor let out a low appreciative whistle.

Paul said, "So that's how you survived in that world of yours."

"Ay." The Bard shrugged. "Why do work you can let others do?"

Paul laughed and offered a high-five. "Up top!" The Bard obliged him.

The Bard added, "I can also play that song of Anakin's, I think, but I got no idea what it would summon."

Harry thought about that. "Best to save it then."

"Or test it," Link said. "Anakin, can you find a nice secluded spot to land us? We need to conduct an equipment-check."

Aang smiled. "This'll be fun! It'll be like learning a new skill!"

"Well," Anakin studied the heads-up display. "We're in the middle of a city, but I think I can find us a park."

Arcadian pointed. "There. No one will see us."
They disembarked in the middle of a small wooded park. Anakin looked around, and said, "I sense no observers."

The Bard unslung his shadow-axe. "Alright, everyone. Stand back." As they obliged him, he let the lone, sorrowful, electric chords of Anakin's march ring out.

A bright ring of light appeared on the grass. The Bard watched carefully, anticipating his new Servant. Would it be one of Anakin's ancient order? A warrior from one of the many worlds subjugated by Anakin's armies of clones?

Might it even be...Anakin's old master, the one he turned against to save his only son?

What appeared in the circle of light was a man, wearing the customary blue pants of this world, and red plaid button-up shirt. Thick white hair covered his head, and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache over his face. He looked around blinking.

"Can you?"

Anakin's head cocked back in surprise. "Who are you?"

The man saw Anakin and nodded as if in recognition. "Is this a fan convention?"

Aang scratched his bald head in confusion.

The man looked around. "Nice costumes, by the way. You guys really went all out." He nodded to Ms. Connor. "Linda. Good to see you again." Then to Harry. "Mr. Radcliffe. Love your work." He siged. "Okay. Who do I have to sign autographs for so I can get back to my movie?"

The Bard looked at Anakin confused. The old Sith lord just shrugged. The Bard exchanged similar questioning looks with the other Chosen Ones, and figured out that no one had any idea.

Ms. Connor said, "Who's Linda?"

The Bard nodded in defeat. "Great. Well, I had to find a dud sometime." The Bard turned to the man, and said, "Sorry mate. We'll get back to ya." He played the rest of the song, and the bright circle appeared again. The man vanished, his hand raised as if about to protest.

The Bard shrugged. "Sorry, guys."

Harry put one hand on his shoulder, smiling as he guided him up the ramp of the Tiderian. "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll come in handy one day."

"Yeah, but..." Aang turned back toward the patch of grass where he appeared. "Who was he?"

Paul waved a dismissive hand. "Probably nobody. Let's go."
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