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Richard of Gloucester

The Chosen One

"Hi, I'm Anakin, and I'm a Chosen One." Whhhhhhh pahhhhh....

The Bard, along with the others, answered back, "Hi, Anakin!"

"It's been four months since I saved the galaxy. I've...reconnected with my family, finally talked to my son again...He's a grown man now. I'm proud of him. A Jedi, just like his old man." Anakin dabbed with a kleenix at the eye-coverings on the face-plate of his skull-like helmet. "My daughter's still not talking to me though."

Harry nodded. "How do you feel about that?"

"Well..." He shrugged. "I can't really complain, I mean I have made some bad choices in my life but...Luke tells me she is about to marry a Corellian smuggler. I know she has always been a rebel, but she really could do better, you know."

The Bard shrugged. "Oh, scoundrels aren't all bad."

Paul said, "I do hope you aren't holding yourself up as the counter-example."

The Bard smirked. "I have been known to chivalrously chase rats away for frightened barmaids."

John snorted a laugh. "Yeah, but you create them first. That kinda doesn't count."

The Bard grinned. "Details details."

The door opened. In staggered the tiredest, raggediest looking sorry sap The Bard had ever seen: he was no taller than 5'7", lean and wiry, his brown leather boots clomping on the wooden floor. A forest-green tunic stained with dirt and blood covered his torso, a matching cap over his dirty-blond hair and framing thin, pretty-boy face. A sword and shield hung on his back--the former of which bore ornate workmanship and the glow of magic. The young man looked right into the Bard's eyes with icy will.

John, Harry, Anakin, and Paul all stood up, looks of wide-eyed recognition on their faces. John shouted "Link!"

Link looked around uncertainly, and waved timidly. He looked to Harry. "Harry?"

John and Aang both stepped forward to support the newcomer, as Paul, Anakin, and Harry stopped their advance to let them. Harry said, "I'm here, mate."

"Got any of those pills?"

Harry patted his robes, but Anakin telekinesed the red and white bottle out of one of the pockets. Harry popped the top off and poured three tylenol into his hand before handing them to Link. Link swallowed them whole, as John and Aang guided him to his seat.

Link sat down stiffly, with a pained wince. The Bard thought he faintly heard a beeping sound. Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep...

Aang squinted. "He doesn't look well. Maybe we should find a healer."

Anakin straightened up. "Oh my god! He's beeping!"

Paul rolled his eyes. "Oh for gods' sake..."

John patted the side of Link's face. "Link!? Come on buddy, look at me!"

Link's head rolled a little, and he looked into John's eyes.

John gave him a stern look. "You gotta stay with us, man. Alright? Stay awake."

Harry stood up. "He needs hearts! Aang, go find him an easy enemy!"

The Bard looked to Harry. "What's wrong with him?"

Aang jumped up, ran to the window, opened it, and took a flying leap out with his staff in hand.

The Bard blinked. "Never a dull moment around here, is it?" He turned his attention to the green-clad newcomer. "You know if he's hurt, I got somethin' that might help--"

Anakin knelt next to Link. "Tell us what happened, Link."

Link looked to him, and gestured up over his left shoulder to the hilt of his sword.

"You got in a fight?"

Paul face-palmed. "Alright, here's a hint. When was the last time any of us fell down the stairs?"


The Bard turned toward what he thought had to be the largest bird ever to hit a window, but instead saw the dazed form of Aang and his glider splayed against the glass. He started to slide down with a squeak, but Anakin reached out and stopped him telekinetically.

Harry sighed, and pulled out his wand, giving it a flick toward Aang. "Infenestrato." The window opened, and Aang fell in unceremoniously.

Link blinked tiredly. "Why didn't...he use...the..." He started to slump off the chair.

"NO!" John reached for him to prop him up, as did Anakin.

"Oh Hell..." Harry reached in to feel his pulse. "His beep is getting weaker!"

The Bard sighed. "Look, I got this song--"

Aang rolled over. "I got out there and realized I didn't know the area. Where are all the bad guys?!"

Anakin pointed out the door. "Did you try the Dark Ninja convention in the ballroom!?"

Harry pointed at John. "Call 911!"

"Right, like they know how to treat a magical elf!"

The Bard sighed, and unslung his shadow axe. The electric tones of a haunting melody filled the air. All attention went to him. As soon as the last note faded, a bright circle appeared in the center of the room. In the middle of it stood a short rotund trollish woman with green skin. She smiled. "Someone in need of healin'?"

The Bard pointed at Link.

She turned to him, raising her hands over her head. "HEALLLING!" She thrust them forward.

Link tensed and jolted, his eyes, wide, his face a look of surprised horror. He shook violently.

When it was over, he looked around uncertainly, and with shaking hands, pulled himself up to a seat. He turned to stare at the hag, and then at the Bard.


"No problem, mate." The Bard played another quick tune, and the hag disappeared. He slung his shadow axe back up over his shoulder.

Paul raised one hand. "Um...why didn't you do that earlier?"

Link leaned over with his head in his hands, looking for all the world like he might throw up. Anakin put one hand on his back. "Easy, there. It's alright. You're among friends now."

John patted him on the shoulder, laughing. "Man do you know how to make an entrance."

Link looked up at John uncertainly. "John?"

"Yeah! Yeah, man. It's me." He nodded.

"...Oh.'s your mother?"

John, Harry, and Anakin all laughed. Link blinked at them, confused.

Paul shook his head. "Welcome back, my friend."

Link nodded. "Thanks." He looked to Aang and The Bard curiously. "Hi. I'm Link..." He took the glove off his left hand, and held it up, showing them the glow of a golden triangle just under the skin. "...And I'm a chosen one."

The Bard nodded. "Hi, Link."

"And it's been..." He glanced at the clock. "fifty one minutes since I last saved the world." He smiled faintly.

A stunned silence settled over the room.

Harry nodded solemnly, and leaned forward, patting Link's hand. "You got a long road ahead of you, mate."

Link nodded. "Don't we all."
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